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Get CHARMED: The Year of the Snake

As 2013 is the year of the snake, we all agree here at the Wicked Peacock that it is only appropriate that we share with you our new favorite animal du jour! Snakes have slithered in the world of fashion, and seriously, what can add to an outfit better then a killer snake statement piece?!

Wicked Peacock


The popularity of snakes didn’t just appear recently the trend dates back to ancient Egyptian civilization, where the snake symbolized transformation, healing, and immortality!


Snake jewelry is a fun and funky piece to add to any day-to-day outfit. How can you not fall in love with this trend it is the perfect way to add an edgy impression to all sorts of looks. Wear is with your favorite pair of dark wash jeans with one of your essentials loose tanks for a casual look or even dress it up with your go-out LBD to highlight your killer snake jewelry. So step out of your jewelry comfort zone and rock out with your edgy snake jewelry that all of your friends will be drooling over.


Snake Ring ON

Written by Olivia Keating, Wicked Peacock Team Member


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