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One of our favorite parts about summer here at Wicked Peacock are BOLD colors! As the weather warms designers turn from heavy dark tones that cloaked the fall/winter runways to lively, beautiful and brightly colored garbs!


We believe SUMMER COLORS are absolutely inspired by the SUN. Sunshine and summer go hand in hand brightening both the sky and our wardrobes. This sunshine also holds the one color that not only screams summer, but also has the almost magical ability to instantly lift our spirits: yellow.


All colors have a level of emotional connection for us and at Wicked Peacock we love the way yellow can always put a smile on our face!

Yellow Necklace

On a beautiful, sunny summer day there is nothing better than a fun pair of yellow earrings, a necklace or a loose and lightweight tank with the perfect touch of yellow like the adorable Aztec tops at Wicked Peacock’s new retail location! Or maybe the weather isn’t so nice and you need a little help escaping the gloom. Wearing some bright yellow is an easy way to boost your mood and feel totally confident.

Aztec Tanks

At Wicked Peacock we have tons of great colors for summer.

Not quite as big a fan of yellow as we are? Do not fear! We have accessories in all of this season’s hottest hues and once you find your favorite you will be dying for a chance to rock your color on the next sunny summer day. Whether you are into yellow, turquoise or hot pink make sure to have fun with color in your summer fashion. Your confidence with color is sure to spark some smiles.

Yellow Blocks

Written by Wicked Peacock style maven, College Fashionista blogger, Jenna Cunningham.


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