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Wicked Peacock Accessory Boutique Opens in Rockport

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Wicked Peacock opening
It’s official! Wicked Peacock’s first ever retail location is now open (as of Saturday, April 6th) at 17 Dock Square in Rockport, MA. Located on the edge of Bear Neck, the boutique is right by the water and on a street with other wonderful shops.

Owner, Silvana Costa
The store is a product of founder Silvana Costa’s original taste and funky style. She’s curated an edgy and eclectic collection of accessories, and there’s a little something for everyone.

statement necklace
From statement-making necklaces to stack ’em up bracelets, you’ll want to try every single thing on. I instantly fell for the sweet little stud earrings — which came in every shape from mini anchors, skulls, bows, and good luck wishbones (which I went home with).

store decor
The store decor is just as unique as the accessories. There are lots of gold accents, re-purposed vintage items, and of course peacocks!

tribal bracelet
When I head back to the boutique…

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