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Art, Accessories and Community with Aziza Robinson-Goodnight

Aziza Robinson-Goodnight is all that and a can of paint. An avid artist, activist, entrepreneur and community organizer, Aziza is a woman committed to shaping, reenergizing and creating systemic, sustainable changes in her native Boston.

Jewelry, Wicked Peacock

Jewelry, Wicked Peacock

According to Aziza, communities need artists and could not survive without a creative perspective. “Creative individuals are the essence of a thriving community. It always takes the artist to see the beauty and endless possibilities of a neighborhood.”

Black Lava Sphere Necklace

The daughter of Paul Goodnight, famed painter and entrepreneur best known for his vibrant depictions of African culture, Aziza was literally born into the arts, having grown up in the Piano Factory, a historical art-space well noted for artist studios and lofts.

Paul Goodnight

Self-admittedly “totally Wicked Peacock,” Aziza is in love and obsessed with the art of adornment. And we should say so! She’s got 9 tattoos, a nose ring, and waist beads that she never takes off. As for accessorizing, she keeps it simple, wearing mostly earrings and an occasional necklace. “And I love the crystal bullet earrings on Wicked Peacock. They say so much, and are super simple.” By “saying so much” she means, transformation, the way in which the bullet used non-destructively actually symbolizes what’s possible if we look beyond violence towards peace.

Crystal Bullet Earrings

Sitting on multiple boards and advisory committees for several of the developments that are happening throughout the city, she’s privy to how difficult and beautiful change can be, and believes that true community is possible only when the people of the community are included in the development process. “I have committed myself to community years ago and will continue to serve my community as long as I’m able, because of the elders before me that paved the way for me to excel.”

Jewelry soon available at Wicked Peacock

Jewelry soon available at Wicked Peacock

Wicked Peacock met Aziza through Future Boston Alliance, as we were both part of the inaugural entrepreneurial accelerator class. Bonding over all things arts-related, we fell in luv with Aziza’s bright smile and sharp intellect. Founder of “The Gallery,” formally known as Gallery Basquiat, Aziza’s business is both an art Gallery and community teaching space, where young people are at the heart of all decisions. “Future Boston has been a breath of life back into the city as the world class place that I have always known it to be.” As a part of this organization, Wicked Peacock firmly agrees.

Future Boston Alliance

“The gallery serves as a space where creative individuals can come together and create social change.  It’s a space where sustainability, collaboration, and innovation are practiced through the arts. “The Gallery” is a communal space. All are welcomed and supported to incubate their creative ideas and grow as Artists.”

Gallery Basquiat

Jewelry: Wicked Peacock || Paul Goodnight Paintings: Photos taken with permission of the Paul Goodnight Gallery, Roxbury, MA || Styling: Aziza Robinson-Goodnight and Silvana Costa


2 comments on “Art, Accessories and Community with Aziza Robinson-Goodnight

  1. Jaime Lynn (@laviejaime)
    March 11, 2013

    Beautiful photos! I love her snakeskin blazer.

    • Wicked Peacock
      March 11, 2013

      You’re so sweet! Got it at Crush a while ago. It’s a staple, and looks great on everyone! xoxoxo

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