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Primitive & Sophisticated: NYX Studio

NYX Studio is the work of Boston and Brooklyn based designer, Nicole Rueda-Watts. The epitome of bohemian gypsy luxe, she designs for the fierce Josephine Baker type, describing her work as “primitive and sophisticated.” Rumor has it that Donna Karen owns one of NYX Studio’s exotic feather collar necklaces. Hollah!

NYX Studio

Inspired by everything around her—a beautiful room, a walk in the woods, dresses, history—Nicole gravitates towards the exotic and wants the women she designs for to stand out as the most beautiful woman in the room.

Wearing Luke Aaron

Dress designed by Luke Aaron

A graduate from the Mass College of Art, Nicole studied painting and sculpture before taking silversmithing classes. After her first class, she was hooked, and has been designing ever since. “I definitely believe I have a design background, but one of my own making. I did not go to school for jewelry design, per se, but I have been making jewelry for a long time now and I feel it has finally reached a level of maturity. I also do interior decorating and furniture design.”

The Peacock Necklace

A day in NYX’s studio is always a flurry of activity. A self-admitted workaholic, Nicole always has five projects going on most of the time. “These days I am on the floor with piles of bead strands spread out in all directions as I work on a color palette. Each piece is a tiny sculpture for me, and as I make it, I come across challenges. The first feather necklaces I made looked amazing, but after wearing them a couple times I discovered some problems with how they moved, so I had to really engineer the piece from the inside out! It’s important making things that not only look beautiful but wear beautifully as well.”

NYX Studio2

In the future, she’d love to see NYX grow, but not get too big as to retain a level of authenticity. Her hope is that you can feel the love that went into making the piece.

NYX Earrings

Dress designed by Luke Aaron


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