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The Dynamic DUO behind Christina Nicole Jewelry

Wicked Peacock LOVES to scour for jewelry and accessories that are chic, well-made, and fabricated by artisans. We were psyched to have stumbled upon Christina Nicole jewelry, a husband and wife team based in Raleigh, NC. AND, we’ve got some exclusive pieces.

Christina and Travis from Christina Nicole Jewelry

Christina and Travis are BFFs and kindred creative spirits. Both get their hands dirty and both love metal. Their jewelry is a cross between organic and exotic, a gypsy-chic style that’s as classic as it is bohemian.

Christina Nicole featured on Wicked Peacock

What’s fabulous about Christina Nicole jewelry is its wide appeal and versatility. Wicked Peacock has worked with this amazing jewelry on a number of photo shoots and was utterly impressed with the fact that it looks good with just about ANYTHING! And, its got a great photogenic quality.

Moroccan Dangle Earrings

Wicked Peacock had the chance to talk with this dynamic duo on all things jewelry, work, love and fashion. Such great idea-makers! And, can you please, this couple is so darn cute! 

Christina Nicole Jewelry featured on Wicked Peacock

Wicked Peacock: Christina Nicole is a Husband and wife team, how does that work?

Travis: Christina and I tend to work creatively as a team. Typically when she has a concept or idea for a new design, she’ll sketch it out and develop a line centered around the sketches. I always try to give some feedback and suggestions from the beginning.  A lot of times she will have several sketches and drafts before we decide on the final look. She tends to handle most of the hands-on development and marketing while I try to make sure the ‘business’ side is up-to-date and functioning smoothly.

Travis from Christina Nicole Jewelry

Christina: Don’t let him fool you, he’s a brilliant designer himself! Travis designed our Natural Elements line (using antler, wood and mixed metals) and the CN unisex line coming out soon. When it comes to running the business smoothly, we have the studio and the office. Weekly meetings bring one another up to speed while endless to do lists are passed back and forth. It’s a marriage of the studio and the office. We bring our strengths to the table and delegate responsibilities equally. A big thank you should go to the inventor of dry erase boards!

Christina from Christina Nicole Jewelry

Wicked Peacock: We love your use of patinas and your tribal patterns. Can you speak a little about your process?

Christina: The tribal pattern comes from hand carved stamps. The patterns were sketched by hand, drawn onto a rubber block, carved into the rubber and then stamped. I looooove the patinas! They really bring out and contrast the color of the metal. Most pieces are finished with a patina or oxidation process with sulfur. I don’t use a chemical based process, just good old stinky sulfur! All the pieces are coated with a clear coat to keep the color vibrant & protected. Wear and tear is natural over time but just adds to the character of the piece. I made Travis’s wedding band, (of course!) and it looks better and better each year! He gets more compliments on his ‘ancient looking’ wedding ring, ha ha!

Shield Ring on Wicked PeacockWicked Peacock: What inspires you?

Travis: When I’m creating, most of my influences draw from music or nature. I love all things bright and beautiful. Anything (written, spoken, recorded or captured) that has depth, truth and weight to it, I love. I can also honestly say that music that is grass roots and acoustic inspired helps to mold and shape Christina’s designs. If you were a fly on the wall in her studio, you would hear the likes of Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, and My Epic being played 24/7. I think it’s part of the earthy-organic influence that comes out in her pieces. Also our shared love for gardening and things that grow plays a big role in our duo. You can learn a lot about life from planting and taking care of the earth.

Christina: Travis is so right. I’m more inspired, excited and full of life after I’ve been outside working in the garden or roaming the woods with the Heidi dog.

Travis and Christina of Christina Nicole Jewelry

Wicked Peacock: What’s your favorite fall look?

Christina: Riding boots are a necessity, my boots from the barn are the best! Dark denim paired with a chiffon tank in nude colors with a wool scarf and leather jacket. I love the transparent fabric paired with leather and wool. Textile details are exciting to me.

Wicked Peacock: What’s your favorite piece from Christina Nicole?

Christina: Currently, I’m working on a new line of gemstone cocktail rings that are really great and I can’t wait to share with Wicked Peacock! They’re proving to be a bit challenging in ironing out quirks but I really love that. I so enjoy the construction aspect of metalsmithing. They’re almost perfect and almost ready to be dazzled by WP lovers.

Wicked Peacock: What’s your favorite piece on Wicked Peacock?

Christina: I’d have to say, the Triple Scallop Necklace makes my heart beat a little faster. The silhouette, the color palette and that is has a bit of weight to it.. Enough to tell it was handmade but not enough to notice after that. It sits perfectly on my chest while I’m in the woods or out & about in downtown Raleigh.

Triple Scallop Necklace on Wicked Peacock

Thanks so much, Christina and Travis. So excited about your work on Wicked Peacock (and we PROMISE, we’ll send back your goodies soon xo!)

Photos || DuckDuck Collective


8 comments on “The Dynamic DUO behind Christina Nicole Jewelry

  1. Christina Nicole
    December 5, 2012

    LA LA Love!!! WP, this is such a fab interview! Thank you for the support and love you show to all of us Independent Designers!! We love you and this interview is kinda makin’ us blush 🙂

    ♡ Christina & Travis

  2. Deb Dukes
    December 5, 2012

    Christina and Travis are SUCH an inspiration in SO many ways!! All of us in Greenville, SC miss them so much and are happy for their growth and move to Raleigh. And once again, they reccomend another great place through this interview. Love the name Wicked Peacock, by they way. Reminds me of my Boston friends and how people ask where I’m from when I use ‘wicked’ after being around them so much:) Great interview!!

    • Wicked Peacock
      December 5, 2012

      Such kind words, thanks so much! How cool is this….Now you have plenty of reasons to visit NC and Boston! We sure do love our “wicked” here! :). xo Thanks for your comment!

  3. Jaime Lynn (@laviejaime)
    December 5, 2012

    So many of my fave pieces featured here- I officially need those earrings that I liked at my shoot!

    • Wicked Peacock
      December 5, 2012

      YES, you do need them. They’re the most stunning and transitional earrings around. xo

      On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 4:50 PM, Wicked Peacock

  4. beccaorders
    December 6, 2012

    Love this jewelry/art and love reading about this wonderful couple!

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