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Boston Stylista: Blogger in the Biz

Boston Stylista for Wicked Peacock

For lots of fashion bloggers blogging is a stark contrast to their weekday life and 9 to 5 jobs. Sarah McManus, however, is a different breed of blogger. Instead of an escape, blogging is directly aligned with her work and everyday life. A full time stylist, Sarah spends her time running Sarah McManus Styling.

After 5 years working as a fashion assistant at the Improper Bostonian she made the jump to running her own business. “I learned so much about clothes, beauty, and what works for certain people. This became my passion and I decided to do it for a living. It was scary….but I am so glad I did it.”

Sarah in Pink Riverstone Necklace

Sarah always looks polished and professional, has an innate sense of style, and knows just how to help others find pieces that vibe with their personality. Her love of fashion and styling was sparked early on, in part by her Italian grandmother. “There was not a day she did not have on her red lipstick or her nails painted. She was a model and raised me on Vogue Magazine.” You’ll often catch Sarah rocking a top bun inspired by her grandmother’s signature look.

In her business Sarah recognizes the importance of accessories and how they can instantly upgrade a look. An accessory “can transform a t-shirt into something amazing. They really pull together and outfit making everything more polished.” In the shots above Sarah is rocking the Pink Riverstone Collar with Fringe. The necklace is the perfect amount of pop when paired with a blazer and Sarah’s expertly coordinated lip color!

pearl bracelet

Sarah’s favorite piece from Wicked Peacock is the pearl bracelet she wore on the shoot. “I’m not normally one for pearls, but this piece makes them totally rocker chic. The fringe on it is amazing” We think this piece totally vibes with her bohemian and modern chic style! She loves to experimenting with different looks, but has a number of “go to staples like an old pair of Coach boots, tons of gold jewelry, and a silk top.” For clients and herself she loves shopping at boutiques like Crush and Moxie and also stores like Madewell and Urban Outfitters.

We’re so happy Sarah is on a mission to make Boston more beautiful one closet at a time and always love to find someone who is just as accessories obsessed as us!

Pink Riverstone NecklaceStyling: Silvana Costa & Sarah McManus || Photography: Becky Brackett & Silvana Costa || Sarah wears: Troika Necklace, Pink Riverstone Necklace with FringePearl Bracelet, Dome Cuff Bracelet, and Facet Ring.


One comment on “Boston Stylista: Blogger in the Biz

  1. Jaime Lynn (@laviejaime)
    November 15, 2012

    that pink necklace! be still my heart…great shots!

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