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From Paris, With Style

Imagine finding out just a few days before the weekend comes that you’ve been invited to go to France for a few days, ALL EXPENSES COVERED!?!?! That’s what happened to our first and fabulous intern, Kara, a few weeks ago, thanks to her step-dad who was assigned to fly to Paris, France for a last-minute, 28 hour trip. “Because of the family advantages, I got to take a first class non-paid seat next to the pilots chair to enjoy the eight hour plane ride in peace. It was the experience of a lifetime.”

Wicked Peacock got the skinny on all things Paris, France from the lovely Kara! Enjoy her guest post! xo

Kara in Paris

I had only one day to take it all in so the first thing I looked for was Parisian Style inspiration, but of course!

When I arrived in Paris and hopped on the nearest metro, I was pleasantly thrilled to see an elderly French woman dressed to the nines. Even though it was a Sunday, her hair was expertly done, she wore red lipstick, and had an elegant aroma. What truly made it were her stunning high heeled shoes. I wasn’t able to snap a picture, but you can imagine!

Paris Elegance

In fact, the biggest difference I noticed between Paris and America was that everywhere, everyone seemed to have high-quality accessories. I began to realize that the majority of the people had polished but edgy shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

From Paris, With Collar xo

Actually, I had a FASHION MOMENT! I realized that even though I am a college student and not of high means, wasting money on cheap accessories seemed no longer worth it!! Saving for the real deal, accessories that last, is important! I realized supporting emerging designers and designer-craftsman is the WAY TO GO!

Pave in Paris

After coming back from my extravagant trip, I have dedicated some time into what will be the perfect contributions to my new quality, not quantity, accessory lifestyle. I also figure that if I were to go to Paris anytime soon, I better vamp up my accessories so that I can fit in a little better. Collars, spikes, pearls and zippers are incredibly in for this year, and mixing the feminine look with an edgy vibe is exactly my kind of style.

Parisian Edge

Thanks, Kara for the GREAT post! You can catch more of Kara’s stye on her Tumblr, High Like Style!

Photos from: Kara Laurent + Wicked Peacock

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One comment on “From Paris, With Style

  1. Mackenzie Newcomb
    November 13, 2012

    Awesome job Kara! Love the spiked earrings!

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