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Talking Accessories with Blogger La Vie J’Aime

A Bostonian with style, Jaime Ganson, Blogger behind La Vie J’Aime, lives by the dictum, “Fashion Fades; Style is eternal.”  Funny, witty and practical to the core, this lady has perfected 9-to-5-chic by mixing every-day staples like the classic black dress with unique, often high-end pieces, like Cobra Society’s Najet Loafers, for a polished look. A self-admitted accessories maven, Jaime likes jewelry that is elegant and understated, bold and refined. Um, yeah, she’s totally Wicked Peacock!

Christina Nicole As Seen on Jamie Ganson

Jaime is seen here wearing the Moroccan Dangle Earrings from Christina Nicole, the Scallop Necklace also from Christina Nicole, and the Knot Ring from Bevin Jewelry.

Boston is a favorite city for this local Blogger. She loves the quaintness and cobblestone streets in fall. “Boston in the fall is like no other place. The city really comes alive with beautiful colors and people who are out-and-about to savor the last nice days before winter.  Plus, we are close to areas with apple orchards – apple picking is an essential fall activity!”

Jamie Ganson wearing Bevin Jewelry

Look One: Bevin Jewelry

Accessories are important to this stylista, and are an essential element to her wardrobe.   “Accessories bring out the character in the person no matter what you are wearing.  Just with this LBD (little black dress) I had on in the shoot, we created two totally different looks based on the accessories paired.  I love the idea that if you brought together a group of 3 ladies, wearing the same outfit, and asked them to style it with necklaces, earrings, etc., you would see exactly who each person is from what they chose.”

Jamie Ganson wearing NCB Jewelry

Look Two: NCB Jewelry

Look one featured styles from Bevin Jewelry, including the Split Earrings and Troika Necklace, which set a bold and confident tone. Our second look paired the same black dress with Fringe Earrings, the Quartz Point Necklace and Cluster Quartz Necklace from NCB and the Tiger-Eye Druzi ring from Rachel Pfeffer, creating a luxe bohemian style. Both are perfect for work, weekends and wine bars!

Jamie Ganson wearing Wicked PeacockJaime’s favorite piece from Wicked Peacock is the Tiger-Eye Druzy Ring. “I love the Tiger-Eye Druzy Ring. It caught my eye on the site immediately. It’s so unique. The stone itself is unlike anything I have seen in druzy styles.  I can see this paired with various outfits.”

Photography: Silvana Costa & Becky Brackett || Styling: Jaime Ganson & Silvana Costa || Jewelry: Wicked Peacock


3 comments on “Talking Accessories with Blogger La Vie J’Aime

  1. Jaime Lynn (@laviejaime)
    October 21, 2012

    The post came out fantastic! Great day with you ladies… thanks again!

  2. Lauren
    October 22, 2012

    jaime you look great!!! i love this!!


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