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More than a Brand: Evan Michael Industry

Evan Michael Industry is more than a clothing brand, it’s a medium through which principle designer, Evan Michael, can express highly conceptual themes through fashion. Themes and inspiration range from post-apocalyptic urban war zones to the emotional landscapes of physical environments. Because of this, every garment is unique.

Evan Michael IndustriesWicked Peacock met Evan working on the set of a short fashion film directed by Bob Packert. WP was immediately drawn to the distressed, edgy, almost gothic look of his scarves.

As Seen on Musician, Jimmy Trapella

A fashion designer by profession, Evan plans to fully launch his brand upon graduation from Mass College of Art, and has currently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital for his senior collection. The collection, which is still in its early planning stages, will feature a neutral palette and a purple so dark that it’s almost black.

Evan is drawn to the soft feel of leather and the versatility and beautiful drape of viscose. “Expressive, poetic, romantic, sexual, dark, and emotional” are words he uses to describe the inner vision.

Evan Michael Industry

Evan sees the brand evolving into an internationally-known label, and would love to open boutiques and  create exclusive lines for top retailers in the future. He’s also excited about the possibility of producing fashion-art-installation shows with each new collection.

 Evan Michael Industry

We asked Evan Michael about the best piece of industry advice he’s ever received. Here’s what he had to say:

Zandra Rhodes visited Mass Art and told us, “surround yourself with people who are just as passionate and excited about what you are doing as you are.”


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