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Wicked Style Spy: Rome + Barcelona

Wicked Peacock’s Editorial Director, Marisa Camarra, just returned from a week touring Italy and Spain and has a lot to report. What’s hot now? In Rome, it’s all about the drape and fit. In Barcelona, Converse sneakers are studded and instead of laces, many use thin mixed-metal chains.

Rome, Italy

In Rome, particularly, style seems an indelible part of the landscape that extends beyond clothes to incorporate culture. It’s as if Italians have an innate and highly intuitive sense of style, where clothing choices are primarily based on fabric and cut.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Trending in Barcelona for accessories were tassels, studs and spikes. The look was mod, punk-chic and sophisticated. In Rome, colorful, geometric statement pieces with chain fringe were a favorite, in addition to studded scarves and bags. Stacked wrist bracelets, timepieces, bold-colored necklaces, shoulder bags and silk scarves were all the rage in Italy.  Many UK tourists also proved that there may be a bit of a goth revival brewing.

Trending in Accessories: Spikes and Studs

In hair, watch out for elegant chignons and loose but chiseled curls, as professionally coiffed hair is the new DIY.

 Photographs || Marisa Camarra


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